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Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success.

  - Swarmi Sivananda

Sarah as a yoga teacher

“I thoroughly enjoy my yoga lessons with Sarah. She is a very calm and patient teacher who adjusts the lesson according to your ability and any injuries you may have. She explains each yoga position well so you can understand what you are meant to do and takes the time to adjust your position so you can learn how to do each position correctly. I always look forward to my yoga lessons with Sarah as I leave feeling much more relaxed than when I walked in. I recommend her as a teacher to anyone who wants to start yoga or who has had previously taken yoga classes.”

Charlotte S, London​, UK

“I work in a really stressful environment and was a little scared of taking a class with Sarah, initially, as she has such a beautifully toned and fit body but I came to love exercising after my very first class with her. Sarah is truly encouraging and pushes you to do more than you think you can without making you feel pressured.

I would leave each session feeling invigorated as well as relaxed and feeling as if I had achieved something really special and at peace with myself.

Most of all, classes with Sarah were such fun and the best forty minutes in the working day that I gifted myself.

It is truly a pleasure to endorse and recommend classes with Sarah.”

Laura C, London​, UK

“Sarah is a very empowering yoga teacher - she has a brilliantly clear technical approach, and a lovely sense of humour to make each class both accessible and enjoyable. For me, one of the most satisfying elements of Sarah's classes is just how much she loves the actual teaching itself - you can see the delight she receives from leading each class, which is both incredibly infectious and addictive!”

Natalie V, London, UK​

“Sarah is a friendly and dedicated yoga teacher. Her warm smile makes you feel welcome on arrival and her fun approach to Yoga shines through as she leads you through a comprehensive and enjoyable Yoga class.”

Sarah H, London, UK​

“Sarah's classes are tailored to suit all abilities and fitness levels and leave you feeling energised, at peace with the world and happy.  She is a wonderfully positive person who is extremely knowledgeable on aspects of well being and yoga.  Sarah's classes are fun and leave you feeling so much better for having spent time in her company.”

Christine C, London​, UK

Working with Sarah

“Sarah is an inspirational manager who effectively combines her technical knowledge and people skills to deliver results in difficult circumstances.  She is tenancious and determined and uses her drive to ensure objectives are delivered thoroughly and on time.  Sarah is both a leader and a team player.”

Anne T, Derby, UK

“Sarah gave clear and concise direction on a complex and often contentious subject and helped improve the understanding of those carrying out the implementation.”

Paul F, Derby, UK

“Sarah is a very self motivated people manager with a strong commercial and technical background.  Sarah excels in team building and collaborative working in multi-disciplinary teams.  With a strong ethical instinct, Sarah could enhance any commercial or technical team.  I have to say that I very much enjoyed my time reporting to Sarah”

Christopher H, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

“She has the highest moral character and ethical fiber of anyone I've ever worked with.  Sarah has been and will always be a dedicated and loyal employee .. and at the end of the day she will always do the right thing.”

Phil M, Dallas, Texas, USA​

“I have observed Sarah as a driven leader who maintains a consistently good attitude during high pressure situations and projects; making her a pleasure to work with.  She is able to work through ambiguity, minimal guidance, and many roadblocks to achieve results.”

Michael S, Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA​

“Sarah is a unique individual who gets to the point, without skipping the important details.  She is highly motivated person, manage her work and team respectfully and with a smile in her face.  Special attention to conduct work in a safe environment whether in the shop or the office.  It was a pleasure and delight to have an opportunity to work with Sarah.”

Khaled G, Houston, Texas, USA

“She is diligent and enthusiastic at problem solving and is exceptional at managing change.  I would highly reccommend Sarah for any position requiring good communication skills, technical skills and business expertise.”

Bob H, Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA

“There is never a situation that Sarah encounters that she does not leave in better condition than when she entered . She is truly one in a million.”

Bart B, Houston, Texas

“Sarah is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable.”

Farooq K, Houston, Texas USA

“Sarah is a very knowledgeable person, direct and authentic.”

Patrice P, Montreal, Canada

“Sarah is a detailed, goal oriented professional that I recommend to any organization.”

William G, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

“When working with Sarah ... we were a ... supplier in her supply network.  Sarah was always helpful and direct, providing us with critical information for our business and setting reasonable yet challenging goals for our continued supply relationship.  She worked with us as a partner, sharing an interest in our success yet always maintaining the needs and requirements of (the company) as her ultimate concern.  When problems did arise, Sarah was demanding but professional in her exchanges with everyone in our organization. She was also fun to visit with and a pleasure to serve as a customer."

Brian R, Montreal, Canada

“I worked with Sarah for several years and found that she had the rare talent of always finding solutions to even the most difficult situations.  Her approach was always professional and was consistently striving for as close to perfection as possibile."

Frank C, Montreal, Canada

“Sarah has been a great coach for me ... and I am very grateful of all the things she showed me.  She is an example of trust and integrity and a role model."

Nathalie F, Montreal, Canada

“Sarah is terrific to work for; focused, intelligent, ethical, and fun.  She is great at retaining employees and keeping them engaged because she takes the role of developing her staff very seriously. I'd work again with her in an instant."

Bill W, Montreal, Canada

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