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Being happy is brilliant


Who doesn’t love fun stuff?  That’s why it’s called fun. Laugh Smart is all about wellness of the mind and doing stuff that makes you happy. I think all the Smart Steps are enjoyable, but these unusual and sometimes crazy ones are just for fun. It's important to look after the mind as well as the body and fit everything into busy lives.

How I do it


I'm well known in my circle of family and friends for being happy and laughing a lot - loudly! Some people are just like that. This doesn't mean that some of the fun things I do won't work for others, too.


Some Laugh Smart things aren't fun or funny but maybe simplify life or just help to become healthier and happier.


I like to try new things, go to new places and experience life. Listen out for me laughing as I do it!

What's fun?


What is fun for me may not be fun for everyone, but most things are worth a try! The best way I found is to discover a hobby that I love doing. Some of the things here are simply for peace of mind.

How can Smart Steps help?


I have a fun and positive outlook on life.

I have lots of ideas about how to simplify life, laughing all the way!


For now, I write short blogs on the research I have done and the Laugh Smart steps I am taking. Some of them may work for you and help you become healthier and happier.


All my blogs are on my blog page and below is a selection of the Laugh Smart ones. Some of them are already live and the others are scheduled to go live later.


If you'd like personalised help on Smart Steps, contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters - Audrey Hepburn

My 4 favoutite ways to Laugh Smart
1 De-clutter

I've never really been one for collecting things and at home I like stuff to be tidy and put away, in a cupboard if possible!

3 Sunscreen

I wear a very high factor sunscreen every day. It takes less than a minute to put on. I take the protection of my skin very seriously.

2 Sleep

Sleep is brilliant. I'm trying to work out how to get more...

4 Lists

My memory isn't great and it's a sense of achievement to cross things off a list.

Laugh Smart blog posts
Laugh Smart: collections or clutter?  


I just can't be doing with fru fru and dust collectors.  Do they serve a useful purpose?



Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: sleep  


When I was a kid I wanted to stay up as late as possible but went to bed early.  As a young adult I stayed up late and got up late. Now I'm older and extra sleep seems like a luxury.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: bookworm  


I've always been a prolific reader.  I have a opile of books yet to read and many more in electronic form.  But is it worth it?



Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: keeping up with the Joneses

Comparing myself to others, I discovered is a futile exercise.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: keep cool  


It's not so fun feeling stressed, so keeping cool is so important and it's not just wearing sunglasses.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: electronic gadgets  


I'm not a total technophobe, but those things just have to be switched off sometimes!


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: ready lists  


Ok, this one's a bit geeky but so useful in saving time in a busy day!


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: enjoy myself


I didn't play team sports much at school, and now I have found value in activities that I love doing as an adult.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: family and friends


“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” – Audrey Hepburn


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: smart sock management


This is brilliant!  I have a whole philosophy on sock management.  Try it!


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: handcream


Handcrean handcream, all day long.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: eye cream

This is my desert island product.  If I can only take one item, it's eye cream.  Here's why.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: sunscreen (no excuses)

Sunscreen is for life, not just for summer holidays.  I wear it every day, even in the bleak midwinter.


Scheduled for launch



Laugh Smart: motivation

What's my motivation for looking after myself?  What's yours?


Scheduled for launch




Laugh Smart: a clean sheet

Clean fresh sheets, ooh, the luxury!


Scheduled for launch




Laugh Smart: window to the soul

Sometimes we just don't take time out to smell the roses.


Scheduled for launch

Laugh Smart: dish sponge

Eugh, how old and smelly is the stuff around your sink?


Scheduled for launch

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