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Frequently asked questions

I'm always looking, and I'm always asking questions. - Anne Rice

What if I'm too busy?


I wondered how sustainable some of the changes would be when I’m so busy all the time, but that’s exactly why I made changes using Smart Steps. This way I can fit into my life what I can, when I can. I can do things at home, at work, when I’m doing other activities, when I’m with friends or family. There’s no pressure to do or not to anything and nobody else needs to get involved.


I needed something that works for me. I’m individual, unique and busy and I need to do things at my own pace when I get the opportunity. One week is never the same as another and building a healthy lifestyle needs to fit in with what I’m doing right now. Flexibility to do what I can when I can is very important to me.

Too Busy
Skip step
What if I skip a step?


Unlike a diet or exercise plan, Smart Steps doesn’t work like a sequence of things to be done in any order. These are things that I did in my life and are in no particular order. I can choose to do or not to do any of the things on any given day. For me, what was more important is to do the easy things and the things that I enjoy first. Then seeing and feeling results is what motivates me to try some of the things I’m not so keen on. Then later when they become usual and a new good habit, I get to enjoy those as well.

Go to gym
Do you go to a gym?


Not any more! I move myself enough every day to stay fit without paying for a gym membership. I do really enjoy swimming, however, and sometimes just go for a swim. For me, I just wasn't going to the gym enough to make it worth the money I was paying to be a member.

Is yoga for everyone
Is yoga for everyone?


Yoga is for absolutely everyone. Strength and flexibility are not required before starting to practice yoga, yoga is what creates strength and flexibility. Not everyone can get into the full poses to start with, some people can do them on some days and not on other days. Some people never will be able to get into all the poses, but it doesn't matter. Every practice is unique and individual to everyone. There are always alternative poses and modifications which will allow the body to get exactly the same benefits.




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