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Keep moving


There are so many ways to move the body in a healthy way. It doesn't matter how old you are, how mobile you are, the body is designed to move. the key to Move Smart is to find a way to move that works for you and keep doing it. 

How I do it


I'm a yoga teacher and I practice yoga every day. I also move myself in smart ways every day.


In the past I was a bit of a sloucher and didn't have great posture. By moving correctly my posture has improved, it's amazing what a great effect it has on how I feel.


I'm not one for going for a run or lifting heavy weights, but I do feel great after a yoga class. I also find fun ways to incorporate exercise into my life. If it feels like fun, is doesn't feel like work or something I'm doing just because I have to.


I trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga London, which gave me a great start in being a yoga instructor. I am registered with Yoga Alliance.

How should we be moving?


We should find ways to move while doing normal everyday tasks during the day. Sometimes it may mean multi-tasking, but not always. Sometimes it can mean just finding new ways to add movement into daily life without it feeling like a chore.

How can Smart Steps help?


I teach yoga classes in London and I research new ways to Move Smart that can be incorporated into daily life for normal people.


For now, I write short blogs on the research I have done and the Move Smart steps I am taking. Some of them may work for you and help you become healthier and happier.


All my blogs are on my blog page and below is a selection of the Eat Smart ones. Some of them are already live and the others are scheduled to go live later.


If you'd like personalised help on Smart Steps, contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

Every step I take, I am alive. I am Life. - Happy Rhodes

My 4 favoutite ways to Move Smart
1 Yoga

I discovered yoga in about 2002 and I've never looked back. There is no better way to create strength and flexibility in the body. It's also a great way to switch off and not think about the stresses of daily life for just a few minutes.  

3 Stretch

Stretching is totally for everyone. Sometimes if my body is aching, having a stretch is incredibly delightful. It can be for just a few minutes or for a full hour. Every time I  stretch I feel better after. It counter-balances all the sitting still that I do.  

2 Dance

I have always enjoyed moving to music. Several years ago discovered ballroom and Latin dancing, which is my favourite way to stay fit. More recently I have tried jazz and even hip hop! I'm not claiming to be any good at it, but it's so much fun!   

4 Walk

There's walking and there's hiking. Both are great. I walk a lot every day mostly because I live in London and usually rely on public transport so there's always walking required. I also go for walks, proper outdoorsy hikes in the mountains, enjoying the scenery and fresh air. 

Move Smart blog posts
Move smart: yoga  


There's no two ways about it, yoga is brilliant and it's for everyone.  That's why I became a yoga teacher.


Read more

Move smart: Strrrrreach!  


Everyone should stretch every day, even just a little bit. Our bodies need it.  Whithout stretching our bodies become stiff and the age much faster.



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: these boots are made for...


walking!  Walking is brilliant - whether in the great outdoors with fresh country air or walking around a big city.


Scheduled for launch

Move smart: dance with me!  


When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way - Wayne Dyer



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: with somebody 


You don't need to have someone in your life who wants to do all the same things as you.  Life would be boring if we all liked the same things!



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: do nothing (for 10 minutes)  


It could be formal meditation or just sitting still for a few minutes but we all need a break during the day.



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: body talking  


Bodies are great, they usually tell us what we need. Listening to your own body and understanding it is a new skill...



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: go outside


The air may not always be as glorious as a remote beach island, but getting outside for a few minutes every day is a great tonic.



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: the air that I breathe


Breathing.  We all think we can do it, but are we doing it right?  How can we improve our breathing?



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: laugh (a lot)


Most people who know me know that I laugh loud, and I laugh a lot.  It's contagious and it's brilliant.  It's a great target to try to laugh every day.



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: shoulder earrings


Yes, I've had my shoulder strapped up more than once bcause I was wearing it as an earring.  It's a subconscious habit that needs to be broken.


Scheduled for launch

Move smart: keep it moving

Maybe there was no opportunity to exercise today, but everything can be exercise, while talking on the phone, brushing teeth, watching TV.  Here's how.



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: posture

It's well reported that we should lift heavy weights with the knees not the back.  But are we slouching while standing or sitting, and what does that do to the body?


Scheduled for launch

Move smart: music - play on

I bought a radio, it changed my life!



Scheduled for launch

Move smart: not running

I don't run or jog.  I’ve tried it.  I don’t like it.  There’s no point in forcing myself to do something I don’t enjoy.   There are plenty of other things I can do, so I can easily find something else to do.  I have made my peace with running and we have parted ways.


Scheduled for launch

Move smart: take a break

Get up and get a glass of water, turn the head away from the screen for a few moments.  We need to do this, a lot!



Scheduled for launch

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